About #5mins4fun

"We need to bring the F-Word back to school"

This was the main idea behind Shaun Kirkwood's mini keynote at the Learning 2.015 education conference in Manila. Shaun, otherwise known as ShaunyK on Twitter, really wanted to see both students and teachers enjoying their time together, more than enduring each other. And that was when #5mins4fun was born. 

Before the conference Shaun started tweeting out activities using the hashtag, and then after the conference the hashtag started a life of its own. Shaun has subsequently presented at a number of other conferences and shared the concept with other teachers along the way. You can find out more about Shaun at his website www.shaunyk.com .

Now with the website up and running he hopes that the concept will grow further and www.5mins4fun.com will become a hub for activities that bring some life, laughter, discussion and good will in your classroom, staffroom, and school community. 

Contributors and champions of #5mins4fun & www.5mins4fun.com

Shaun Kirkwood @ShaunyK Australia
Brittany Morgan @BrittM0rgan China
Rachel Smith  @lancslassrach Isle of Man - UK
Emily Bevington  @MsEmily_class Thailand
Liz Cho  @Cho_liz Korea
Dave Sheppard @mr_shep63 China
Geoff Derry  @gderry China
Jose O'Donovan @Mr_ODonovan Malaysia
Michael Black @Mistermdblack Singapore